Apr 302012

SustainabilityNews.net.au continues to build on its strengths as a hub for the distribution of your news to a wider audience. As members and followers continue to grow in twitter and facebook we see membership accelerating.

At the recent Climate action summit numerous Sydney groups were invited to participate and more importantly let their membership know about SustainabilityNews.net.au

The Reach and technology. Work behind the scenes continues to focus on spreading your news further by integrating with other social media services and blogging platforms. Promotion of how to subscribe to periodical notifications by email (Already available) will also build our distribution channels.

SustainabilityNews.net.au is totally non-commercial and will be now and as long as it exists. Once we build in size we will establish consensus based management for registered groups if required. A Complaints process will also be developed to support our determination to make this work for you with the least effort.

This is Your resource !


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