GoodOnYou app for fashion brands and accessories

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Oct 212016


Hi everyone,

We’re more than half way through Buy Nothing New Month and a good time to take a look at the companies that make the fashion products we buy.

The Good On You App has been developed to help us make better choices. The App rates brands using the three categories of people, the planet and animals. The rating are based on a set of principles and independent date sources. So far the App has rating for almost 1000 . The aim is to provide a rating for every brand you can readily buy.

When we decide to buy something new (after this month) we can support companies doing the right thing for our people, our planet and our animals.

You can download the App from Apple App Store or Google Play.

For more information, go to:

Source: The Good On You app makes shopping fairer, Buy Nothing New Month email dated 17/10/2016, Good On You web site,

Get more informed about the companies that make your favourite brands and help to support the good ones.

Many thanks


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Buy Nothing New Month and the Online Op Shop

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Oct 172016

Hi everyone,


I think most of you know by now how much I love Op Shops. There is so much choice and I’ve found some really great stuff over the years. I’m a sucker for books and DVDs and have also found lots of really good quality clothes. I can’t remember the last time I went to a shopping mall or bought new clothing.


That’s why I’m excited to let you know about a great web site called And there’s no better time to check it out than during Buy Nothing New Month. It’s a one stop shop to find Op Shops all over Australia. Simply enter your suburb or postcode and a list of Op Shops will be displayed in your area.


You’ll find it at:


Give a go and have fun finding something special that also helps to get great stuff back into being used.


Many thanks



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