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Christmas is approaching at lightning speed and there’s still so much to do before the big day.  Some of you have probably already exhausted your ideas of what to get some of your loved ones. How about something that hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to get here and supports our locals?


Here’s some more gift ideas:


  • Shout them a haircut at their local hair salon or barber
  • For the ladies, a bit of pampering at the local beauty salon would be a real treat or opt for the massage which everyone would love
  • How about  a gym membership to get them fit and healthy
  • For those who hate washing their car (that’s me!), a car detail gift certificate would be most appreciated
  • Do you know someone who has been putting off getting an oil change? A voucher from the guy at the local garage would be perfect for this
  • Give them a break from the lawn mowing, which comes around ever so quickly during Summer, and arrange for the local lawn mowing service to call around
  • What about a voucher at the local cafe or restaurant for a decadent leisurely breakfast or nice meal out during the holidays
  • To help them get rid of some of those things that have been on the To Do list forever, get a gift certificate from a local handyman
  • Who’s Mum wouldn’t appreciate getting a local cleaning lady in for a day to help with those big jobs like cleaning the windows
  • For lovers of live music, seek out tickets to an event featuring local talent
  • How about tickets to see a play or ballet at your local theatre
  • Handmade, local arts and crafts are a good option for those looking for something more personal
  • For a lasting gift, get them a gift certificate for a family portrait
  • Golf enthusiasts would love a round at the local golf course


Source: Christmas 2011 — Birth of a New Tradition email – source unknown


This Christmas, consider giving gifts that are kind to the environment and helps our local community too.


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