Jun 122017

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The ski season officially opens this weekend. The keen skiing enthusiasts amongst us will be hoping for lots of snow and already thinking about heading off to do a bit of skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing. Some of us might even be thinking about a visit to simply check out the lovely snow covered scenery and no doubt many have already booked a trip.

If you’re planning to hit the slopes this year, please consider the environment while you’re there.  Here’s some tips to get you started:

  • Transport is probably the biggest environment impact of going to the snow – avoid flying if you can, catch a bus, train or car pool
  • Choose ski resorts close to home rather than overseas to reduce the transport miles
  • Carbon offset your travel
  • Use public transport to get to the slopes and use public transport or walk to get around the resorts
  • Choose skis and snowboards from companies that follow green principles and make products from sustainable resources such as bamboo
  • Look for eco-friendly ski gear and vegetable- based snowboard wax
  • Recycle / Donate your old equipment and ski gear
  • Don’t litter, use recycling bins where available and carry a rubbish bag around with you in case there’s no bins when you need them. You could even take that extra step and pick up litter you see.  Note: At high altitudes, orange peel takes up to 2 years to break down and cigarette butts up to 5 years
  • Respect out-of-bounds areas and stay outside  national parks whenever possible
  • Consider cross-country skiing or snow walking as these activities don’t need cleared, graded slopes, chairlifts etc.
  • Choose environment friendly resorts – check environment pages on resort web sites
  • Turn down the heat to 20 degrees and wear an extra jumper etc inside to keep nice and warm and turn off the heat when you go out
  • Switch off lights when leaving rooms and electrical appliances when not in use, just like you would at home
  • Take shorter showers (e.g. 4 mins max), turn down the hot water pressure and be frugal with water usage
  • Reuse towels when you can instead of getting fresh ones every day
  • Take your own refillable water bottles

Source: G magazine, Issue 12, July 2008, pg 57, www.gmagazine.com.au, How to Go Green: Skiing & Snowboarding, treehugger, http://www.treehugger.com/htgg/how-to-go-green-skiing-snowboarding.html#tips

Practice green skiing tips when you next venture to the snowfields and do something good for our precious environment

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