Save energy and keep warm this winter

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May 272016

Hi everyone,

It’s officially Winter next Wednesday and that time of the year when I let you know a few simple things you can do that can help save a bit of energy and keep you warm too:

  • Wear more clothes instead of cranking up the heat – putting on a jumper makes more sense than having heating up so high that you can mooch around in a T-shirt
  • Drag out those really warm blankets you’ve got packed away in the back of the cupboard or that lovely handmade quilt and snuggle up on the couch while watching TV or reading
  • Set the thermostat at a reasonable level – 18-20 degrees is recommended. Increasing the thermostat by one degree can add 10% to your heating costs
  • Clean ducts & filters regularly so they operate more efficiently. Also have your heater serviced regularly (e.g. every 2 years) to ensure its operating correctly
  • If you have a ceiling fan that has a reverse switch that changes the direction of the blades, use it when the heating is on to push the warm air back into the living space
  • Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans sparingly as they can pull a lot of heat out of your house
  • Heat only the rooms that you are using e.g. close the doors & ducts of unused rooms
  • Close the windows & doors of rooms where the heat is on
  • Let the sun in when it’s out to naturally warm the house in the daytime and close blinds & curtains to trap in the warmth at night
  • Seal draughts from windows and doors with weather stripping and caulking
  • Seal gaps under doors by getting those material sausages or even a rolled up towel will do the trick
  • Don’t leave the heating on when you’ve left the house
  • Revert back to the good old hot water bottle or the modern version (heated wheat bag) to keep your toes and neck toasty – one of my favourites
  • Decorate for warmth with rugs on the floor, heavy drapes and flannelette sheets on the bed

 Source: Getting warm, Homestyle, The Sunday Age, May 2014, pg. 17

Why not try a couple of these things and feel warm & fuzzy about helping the environment – you might even save a few $$ too.

 Many thanks


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