Big Power Companies Small Minded on Renewable Energy Target

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May 032012

Big Power Companies Small Minded on Renewable Energy Target
The Australian solar industry has rejected calls from Origin Energy to dismantle the successful Renewable Energy Target. “Nobody should be surprised that a big fossil fuel and coal seam gas company wants to scuttle the Renewable Energy Target”, said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society.
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Discovering Urban Permaculture at Barrett House this Sunday

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May 012012 and will be present at this;

It’s hands-on and brains-on this National Permaculture Day at the Barrett House sustainability demonstration centre with a permaculture house and garden clinic, swap party, planting out of the footpath garden and an introduction to permaculture… all to the soothing sound of a solar powered ambient sound system in a wheelie-bin. Our clever permaculture clinic crew.

Landscape architect Steve Batley from Sydney Organic Gardens and architect Terry Bail from Archology, both of whom happen to be permaculture designers as well, will be here to answer your questions about your own garden design and what’s growing in it, as well as ideas on how to make your house more energy and water efficient and to advise you on renovation and garden rehabilitation, whether your garden is an urban lot or an apartment balcony.

Swap party
Join us in redistributing those items you don’t use anymore. Bring up to 3 good quality items to swap, DVD’s, CD’s. books, homewares, toys and clothes.

Register your items between 10:30am and 11:00am. Swap begins at 11:00am.

Want to know more about ‘How to Swap’ watch

Garden planting
For those with an inclination to get their hands in the soil, we’ll be continuing the rehabilitation of the footpath garden from an unproductive and boring agapanthus monoculture into a food-producing polyculture, a forage garden from which passers-by can pluck a herb or two to add to the evening meal.

Permaculture Sydney East chats with us
Permaculture Sydney East/Transition Sydney’s Peter Driscoll will be there, too, to lead a discussion about what exactly this permaculture thing is.

Barrett House is a sustainability education centre demonstrating water and energy efficient design ideas and low-impact materials that is used for the 3-Council Eco-footprint Project workshops and as a meeting place for local sustainability groups.

The next workshop coming up at Barrett House is Balcony Gardening—to book go to

Organized by

Organized by Fiona Campbell

3-Council Ecological Footprint Project ,
26 Barrett Place, Randwick, NSW 2031

Tel: 02 9315 7244

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Permaculture Design – Randwick Sustainabilty Hub

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May 012012

When: May 6, 2012

Like the sun rising to herald a new day of light and warmth, there’s something new rising in Sydney’s urban east to herald a new dawn of sustainable urban living—theRandwick Sustainability Education Hub.

The retrofitted community centre, with its photovoltaic panel array, wind turbine, interior improvements for energy and water efficiency, rainwater harvesting and storage and PIG (Permaculture Interpretive Garden) offers a plethora of take-home ideas that you can do in your own home and garden.

In the PIG you will find easy-to-copy examples home landscaping, garden water management and food production to stimulate your own efforts in modern, creative living. The PIG is also a fine example of the principle of multiple-use in permaculture design, combining a public park and edible, educational landscape.

Join us on National Permaculture Day…

  • for a Sydney LETS market day… peer-to-peer trading goods and services—see how it is done
  • to tour our energy and water retrofitted Sustainability Education Hub, and talk with permaculture architect Terry Bail
  • to tour the PIG (Permaculture Interpretive Garden) with permaculture landscape architect Terry Bail
  • in planting out vegetables and herbs in our Permaculture Interpretive Garden
  • for kids activities and listen to solar powered music

Permaculture Design – Randwick Sustainability Hub

Celebrating National Permaculture Day WHEN: 2:30pm to 4:30pm Sunday 6 May 2012 WHERE: 26 Munda Street, Randwick.

For More Info see here

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Continuous improvement of SustainabilityNews

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Apr 302012 continues to build on its strengths as a hub for the distribution of your news to a wider audience. As members and followers continue to grow in twitter and facebook we see membership accelerating.

At the recent Climate action summit numerous Sydney groups were invited to participate and more importantly let their membership know about

The Reach and technology. Work behind the scenes continues to focus on spreading your news further by integrating with other social media services and blogging platforms. Promotion of how to subscribe to periodical notifications by email (Already available) will also build our distribution channels. is totally non-commercial and will be now and as long as it exists. Once we build in size we will establish consensus based management for registered groups if required. A Complaints process will also be developed to support our determination to make this work for you with the least effort.

This is Your resource !


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Environmental News Repost

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Apr 272012
Making Environmental News 27/04 – 43 Items (Estimated Reading Time = 3 min 19 sec)

Economy ‘must adapt’ in face of climate change 27 April 2012 ADAPTING to inevitable global warming will need changes across the Australian economy, including ditching property taxes that discourage people from moving out of areas prone to extreme weather events, the government’s independent research arm says.

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