Next week it’s Keep Australia Beautiful Week

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Aug 192016

Hi everyone,

Nearly every day is Keep Australia Beautiful for me. I pick up bottles, cans, plastic bags and other rubbish while I’m out and about walking to the train station, around the park and along the beach etc. I find it really hard to walk by knowing that it could end up in our beautiful waterways.

Next week it’s Keep Australia Beautiful Week. The campaign is a great reminder of the importance of the responsible disposal of rubbish. This year’s campaign will see the revival of “Do the Right Thing” which some of you might remember from years gone by. The main focus will be tackling cigarette butt litter. Cigarette butts might be small but they have a huge impact on our environment with millions littering our planet all over the world. Together with my local BeachPatrol a handful of volunteers have collected a staggering 20,000 cigarette butts over just 9 hourly sessions around the beach area at Mordialloc. It feels good to know that we have stopped at least some of this litter getting in the bay.

Source: Keep Australia Beautiful Week,

For more information about Keep Australia Beautiful Week, go to:

To join a local BeachPatrol near you, go to:

Help to keep cigarette butt litter out of our beautiful environment by supporting this great campaign.

Many thanks


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United Nations International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) 2012

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Aug 082012
United Nations International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) 2012

Welcome to the official website on the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC). Here you will find information on events planned throughout the year, as well as suggestions on how to get involved and participate. International years are declared by the United Nations to draw attention to and encourage action on major issues.

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Energy myths exposed: King Coal or King Solar?

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Jun 162012
Great article on The Conversation which shows trends suggest renewable energy has reached its tipping point of adoption.
Energy myths exposed: King Coal or King Solar?
In our Conversation article, King Coal dethroned, we suggested that renewable energy investment was now outstripping fossil fuel power investment. Many welcomed the news that the future was arriving sooner than they had expected. A few responses suggested the data was not right.
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Jun 132012

Some say: So solar and other sustainable energy sources will never replace our present coal-reliant energy system, as they will never be able to provide big-scale energy supplies to feed our energy-hungry communities?

Don’t believe it – big solar is coming, and is already operating abroad. So why not in Australia?

To coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, and to launch the United Nation’s International Year of Sustainable Energy for all, a unique event will be taking place in Manly next week.

Three experts in various areas of sustainable energy will be arguing that – despite the hype saying otherwise – sustainable energy can and will ultimately provide a solution to Australia’s energy needs and, at the same time, help rapidly reduce climate change-causing carbon emissions.

The speakers are:

  • Mark Ogge, a director and co-founder of the Beyond Zero Emissions group, who will outline their campaign for changed attitudes, including Repowering Port Augusta, a proposal to replace that SA industrial city’s coal generators with baseload solar thermal supported by solar PV and wind.


  • Dr Mark Diesendorf, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of UNSW’s Institute of Environmental Studies. He will present a talk on ‘A Sustainable Electricity Future for Australia’.


  • Warren Yates from Clean Energy for Eternity, who will tell the story of how a community on the NSW far South Coast became committed to a plan to cut their energy use by 50%, and have renewable sources to provide 50% of the remaining energy needs by 2020. A key element of the plan was the building of a large community-owned solar farm at Bega.

The event is being hosted by the Friends of the Manly Environment Group (FoMEC), whose co-founder, Jodi Adams, says that “since the 1970s, I have been watching Australia fall further and further behind in the use of sustainable energy, while our experts in the field are increasingly forced to work overseas, where their skills and knowledge are respected and utilised.  This cannot be allowed to continue!”

The launch will take place from 7pm on Wednesday June 20th at the Steyne Hotel’s Moonshine Bar. It is free and open to the public but bookings are essential. To book, ring the Manly Environment Centre on 9976 2842 during business hours.

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Hug a climate scientist Day

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Jun 122012
Happy Hug A Climate Scientist Day Everyone! We have photographic proof it works! | First Blog on the……

Today is Hug a Climate Scientist Day, a long tradition started last year for us to say thank you to Australia’s Climate Scientists just for being them. It is not easy being a Scientist apparently although doing experiments and stuff must be awesome. This cartoon explains it all.

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This weeks News for Transition Bondi!

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Jun 112012

This Week’s News | Films | Markets | Events | Be a Star

Welcome to another edition of the news for Transition Bondi! Our new website is currently taking shape and we need YOU to come and be a star! We’re looking for people who wants to write blogs so if you have a recipe, some enviro tips, want to start a debate, it’s all welcome!

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Latest news and events from Stop CSG Sydney

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Jun 112012

Read the Latest news and events from Stop CSG Sydney and subscribe to the news letter

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Jun 052012

This is a special bulletin as we need people to act quickly! 

The NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) has announced it is removing support for sustainability education at the State level.

This is coming at a time of preparing to implement the Australian Curriculum in NSW with Sustainability being one of three cross curriculum priorities. Unless the sustainability curriculum support is re-instated, NSW will not be able to give co-ordinated support to sustainability educators in DEC and in all schools, or meet NSW 2021 Plan targets relating to sustainability and other DEC commitments.

If you care about the next generation and want to continue to grow rather than impede their understanding of sustainability and the environment on an educational level, please add your name to the petition  and share this so we can have our concerns heard!

For more background information as well as contacts and examples you could use to write letters to Ministers or your local representatives, please visit the website of the Australian Association for Environmental Education NSW Chapter website at

Thank you!

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Today is World Environment Day – for more details…

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Jun 052012


    Gisele Bündchen, Winner of 2011 WED Challenge Fulfills WED Promise at Green Nation Fest
    This week, Rio de Janeiro is playing host to a number of influential heads of state, multinational corporations as well as media agencies in a festival that aims to solidify global efforts and spearhead policies targeted towards environmental conservation.
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