Green Message: “Ark of Taste”

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Sep 252016

Hi everyone,

The Ark of Taste is an international project run by the Slow Food Movement that helps protect food products from becoming extinct. There are over 3000 products on the list so far that are at risk due to industrial agriculture, standardisation and large scale distribution of global food markets as well as environment issues. In Australia, the Slow Movement Ark of Taste focus on our diverse climate, culture and unique flora and fauna. In particular, the food from the diets of indigenous Australians and culture e.g. Finger Limes from Australia’s East Coast.

Currently, the Australian Ark has 23 products with more at the nomination stage. Anyone can nominate a food for the Ark of Taste.

The categories include:

Endangered – produced in limited quantities and may not be around in next one or two generations

Good – prized for their special taste or process

Clean – not engineered and can be grown, raised or produced without harm to the environment

Fair – food that anyone can champion, produce, sell or share – no commercial or trademark items

To nominate a food for the Ark of Taste, go to:

For more information, go to:

Source: Ark of Taste – Protecting Biodiversity, Slow Food in Australia,


Hop on board the Ark of Taste to protect our food biodiversity.

Many thanks


Resource Management Specialist,

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Plant some garlic this autumn and start a yearly tradition.

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Apr 222016

From Lila;
Hi everyone,

Are you a garlic lover like me? This little package of flavour can transform a meal and has so many goodies in it to keep you healthy. We have a stockpile at home and are always on the lookout for the prime looking bulbs at the Farmers Markets when they’re in season.

We’ve tried growing it at home without much success but this year it’s going to be different. We went to a talk on growing garlic a few weeks ago and now we have all the tips to have a bumper crop. One of the first things that surprised me was that I always thought you should plant garlic on the Winter Solstice (20th June) and harvest on the Summer Solstice (21st December). The recommendation at the talk was to plant in autumn around Anzac Day while the soil is still warm. So guess what we’re doing this weekend. We’ve got the garlic all ready to go and just need to get it into the perfect spot in the garden.

Here’s some tips for a successful garlic crop:

  • Get your planting garlic from a quality source – most garlic at the supermarket is treated and will not reproduce
  • Pop it into the crisper for a week or so before planting just like you do with spring flowering bulbs to create an artificial winter
  • Pick a spot in the garden that gets full sun and has well drained good soil
  • Add some good quality compost or worm food into the patch before planting the garlic
  • Water regularly during the growing season which is about 8 months
  • For more details go to:…/articles-a…/fact-sheets/garlic/

Source: Planting garlic, Diggers Club,…/articles-a…/fact-sheets/garlic/

Plant some garlic this autumn and start a yearly tradition.

Many thanks
Resource Management Specialist

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Permaculture- East meeting at Barrett House – Tonight

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Jun 252012

• Monday 25th June Permaculture- East meeting at Barrett House, 6 Barrett Place, Randwick. Join at 6.30pm for seed-swapping and 7pm for the meeting


Hi all, another session at Barrett House tonight to contribute and consider options for activating both Permaculture East and Barrett House in 2012 and beyond.


Also a brief session from me on how to run a Swap Party in your neighbourhood, social or community group (It’s easy and fun!)


So arrive for a cuppa at 6.30pm and settle in for focused discussions from 7pm. Also bring plants. Seeds food or whatever you want to swap in our usual Permaculture fashion (“share the surplus”!). I’ve got plenty seeds and maybe even a jar of my exclusive Choko pickles!

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