Jun 052012

This is a special bulletin as we need people to act quickly! 

The NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) has announced it is removing support for sustainability education at the State level.

This is coming at a time of preparing to implement the Australian Curriculum in NSW with Sustainability being one of three cross curriculum priorities. Unless the sustainability curriculum support is re-instated, NSW will not be able to give co-ordinated support to sustainability educators in DEC and in all schools, or meet NSW 2021 Plan targets relating to sustainability and other DEC commitments.

If you care about the next generation and want to continue to grow rather than impede their understanding of sustainability and the environment on an educational level, please add your name to the petition  and share this so we can have our concerns heard!

For more background information as well as contacts and examples you could use to write letters to Ministers or your local representatives, please visit the website of the Australian Association for Environmental Education NSW Chapter website at www.aaeensw.org.au.

Thank you!

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