Jul 182012

MCA Clothing Exchange: A mass-swap event – The Sydney Clothing Exchange (Sydney) – Meetup.

MCA Museum of Contemporary Art

140 George Street, The Rocks (map)

Selected By: kirsten fredericks

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney has invited us to hold a mass clothes swap event with them on Sunday the 22nd of July. We would like to invite you and the whole family to come along.



  • There is a limit of ten items per person for clothing and/or accessories, e.g. if you bring eight, you can take eight or less home
  • There are two categories: clothing (includes men’s tops, men’s bottoms, ladies’ tops, ladies’ bottoms, kids and babies, dresses, jackets and suits) and accessories (includes hats, scarves, shoes and bags). You can swap an accessory for another accessory and clothing for any piece of clothing. You cannot swap a piece of clothing for an accessory and vice versa

YES – Kids and babies’ clothing will be accepted!


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