Aug 262016

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It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 4 September. If you observe Father’s Day, here’s some ideas to give it a bit of a green theme.

  • If ties, socks or clothing is on the list, look for organic cotton, bamboo or hemp items
  • If giving shaving products is a preference, avoid synthetic and chemically based and choose items with organic and natural ingredients
  • If your Dad enjoys a drink, choose from the ever increasing selection of organic wines or green beer ranges
  • Lots of Dads are into gadgets – there’s a great range of solar powered chargers, clocks, watches and even wind-up gadget options available these days
  • If your Dad is a keen gardener, a tree or shrub will be a long lasting gift to enjoy
  • Check out antique shops, op shops and garage sales to find that extra special vintage gift
  • Opt for a service instead of a gift such as a massage voucher or movie tickets
  • Give an experience such as a BBQ cooking class, Barista course, winery tour or sailing trip – the Internet has a stack of sites that offer gift experiences
  • Consider a sponsorship or a donation to your favourite charity e.g. Oxfam Unwrapped, World Vision Gifts, Greenfleet, Fuel for Father’s Day
  • Grab a green gift certificate from the many online eco-stores available on the Internet
  • For the avid readers, consider a subscription to an eco-magazine or online newspaper
  • Homemade gifts are a good choice or offer to spend an afternoon doing something that your Dad chooses to do or even a disliked chore like cleaning the car or mowing the lawn
  • Serve local and/or organic food at your Father’s Day lunch and avoid disposable cups, plates etc

Enjoy Father’s Day and help to make it a green day too.

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