May 212012

A vital information tool giving you an environmental edge

Our aim is to provide knowledge about what has been done, to give you greater power to know what to do and make better decisions in the future.
What we call the Environmental Edge.

Making Environmental News

Making Environmental News is an email portal that delivers access to environmental news items appearing in the major non-subscription electronic news media to your email every day.

Making Environmental News is a summary of what has made the news in the preceding 24 hours linking the recipient to the news item if more information is required.


… just a brief description of the item and a link to the original source.

Making Environmental News is designed for busy people who need the information, creating greater awareness and providing vital information that may otherwise be missed.

The best way to understand the benefits of Making Environmental News is to try it out for yourself.



The best way to experience the benefits of Making Environmental News is to subscribe and experience it for yourself. Visit now

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