Jun 062012


Rather than talk about the problems, we seek to “do something” by building alliances between businesses, government and the community. We identify problems and then find answers that achieve measurable benefits for the environment and our community.

As part of our work, we campaign on environmental and social issues. Sometimes on our own, but more often in partnership with others. See our Campaigns section on this website for more detail on our work.

Who’s behind ‘Do Something’?

‘Do Something’ was established by Planet Ark founders Jon Dee and Pat Cash in association with Tina Jackson, former Executive Director of the National Trust of Australia.


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May 212012

Green Street is designed and sponsored by people who believe grassroots action is needed so that we can live more sustainably.

When you signup to Green Street you will land on your very own profile page where you can calculate your Green Street Score and begin to network with others!

You will be able to see straight away if there is anyone else in your street already a part of Green Street.  You can also join groups with special interests and invite friends to link with you.



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Apr 262012
Get informed about sustainability
ATA webinar — Retrofitting your home for energy efficiency

This is the third in the Alternative Technology Association’s series of free online presentations to share practical knowledge about energy efficiency, sustainable building and water conservation at home. It introduces a range of techniques and products to help retrofit your house for better energy efficiency, such as LED lighting, draught proofing, window coverings, insulation and secondary glazing.

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Apr 142012
eex.gov.au | Energy Efficiency Exchange: The Bottom line on energy efficiency for business and indus…

Find information in these areas: The Energy Efficiency Exchange website (eex.gov.au) supports the implementation of energy efficiency practices within medium and high energy-using companies. It shares best practice information on energy efficiency, case studies and resource materials from Australia and overseas. eex.gov.au will evolve as new information becomes available.

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Apr 122012
Online Power Usage Calculator – Consumers Power

To calculate an estimated monthly electrical bill for your home, please select a QUANTITY in the applicable Electrically Powered Items field. Once you’ve filled out the fields that are relevant to your home, click the “Calculate” button at the bottom of this form.

Or search for “domestic power usage calculator”

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Mar 312012

Energy Rating Website

Improving the energy efficiency of appliances and products in all sectors (residential, commercial and industrial) has significant economic and environmental benefits for Australia and New Zealand. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand in both countries, helps save consumers and businesses on running costs over the life of the products they choose to use.

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