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Australia is one of the sunniest continents on earth, so producing power from the sun just makes sense.

1.4 million rooftop power stations are now lighting up homes around the country. And many more households are looking to solar as a way to manage their energy bills, creating cleaner energy along the way.

The solar rooftop revolution is happening at an astounding pace – the price of solar is plummeting, making solar more affordable than ever, and rates of uptake continue to rise rapidly.

But despite the many reasons to go solar, there are obstacles in our way. Some big energy companies don’t want to see Australians take back control of their own energy needs. They want to make connecting to solar harder, not easier.

What is Solar Citizens?

Solar Citizens is an independent community based organisation working to protect and grow solar in Australia. We advocate for the rights of more than 5 million solar owners and the millions more who wish to go solar.

We believe that when millions of solar owners and supporters stand together, we can be powerful. We run campaigns that use people power to put pressure on decision makers and bring about the best outcomes for solar owners and people who want solar.

We’re independent, meaning that we don’t support any one political party, company or organisation over another.

We’re a registered not-for-profit, relying on the generosity of our large donors and many hundreds of smaller individual donors to help us fund campaigns to protect and grow solar.

We support a vision of an Australia where a major portion of our electricity is generated from the sun, where the rights of solar owners are protected and where all Australians are able to install solar on their homes.

If you want to ensure your rights as a solar owner are protected or if you believe in a solar future for all Australians join Solar Citizens today.

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Sep 192012


Sustainable Energy in Australia, a guide to sustainable energy resources and technological developments.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy in Australia

Electricity is the lifeblood of our modern society. Whether we like it or not, we have become dependant on energy to power our homes, cars and industry. With major energy shortages combined with the need to take a hard line on climate change, there has never been a better time to embrace clean and sustainable technology. With our government failing to act on smart energy options for our future, as consumers we are left with little choice but to instil a bottom up approach to change. This involves everything from deciding on energy sensitive items from the supermarket to installing solar panels on homes. It is also important to understand that there is a vastly untapped free energy out there which we do have the technology to access cheaply, safely and efficiently for many decades to come. With energy shortages and the brink of irreversible climate change just over the horizon, it is in our national and global interest to understand, harness and embrace sustainable energy alternatives.

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Jun 062012


Rather than talk about the problems, we seek to “do something” by building alliances between businesses, government and the community. We identify problems and then find answers that achieve measurable benefits for the environment and our community.

As part of our work, we campaign on environmental and social issues. Sometimes on our own, but more often in partnership with others. See our Campaigns section on this website for more detail on our work.

Who’s behind ‘Do Something’?

‘Do Something’ was established by Planet Ark founders Jon Dee and Pat Cash in association with Tina Jackson, former Executive Director of the National Trust of Australia.


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Apr 262012
Get informed about sustainability
ATA webinar — Retrofitting your home for energy efficiency

This is the third in the Alternative Technology Association’s series of free online presentations to share practical knowledge about energy efficiency, sustainable building and water conservation at home. It introduces a range of techniques and products to help retrofit your house for better energy efficiency, such as LED lighting, draught proofing, window coverings, insulation and secondary glazing.

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Apr 032012


Renewable energy news and events; and a database of renewable energy power plants in Australia and New Zealand

Aussie Renewables is part of Biz2030 Pty Ltd and is based in Sydney, Australia. Aussie Renewables was designed by Mary Hendriks and Peter Thorogood to inspire creative thinking about the way in which we use energy, water and resources.

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