Jan 302011

A number steps are underway to define the systems we require to support open sustainability projects.

This means we are developing a strong underlying project definition so that the results we develop will be useful and easy to use for you and the community.

Here is a draft project scope;

The Provision of an environment in which the general community can co-operate on projects or initiatives.

In effect a Project Management tool that leverages Social Networking and other highly inclusive Web 2.0 Technologies.

Designed to operate on Crowd Sourcing principals the Project Project will differ from standard project management environments in the following way

  • Less formal and structured with less emphasis on individual responsibility to complete tasks but rather by completing tasks by a pool of resources
  • Less emphasis on base-lining and time frames such that project can remain viable if executed over very long periods of time or very rapidly.
  • A structured process by which completed projects are easily turned into detailed project templates for reuse in the community.
  • Each iteration of a project with add to and strengthen the previous similar projects

Are you interested in helping us ? Send us an email to SustainabilityProjects@lasource.com.au Tell us what interests you and how you may be able to help. Any effort small or large would be appreciated – you can be sure you will help advance sustainable practices.

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