Apr 202016

The Climate Change Awareness project.

This Project has been created to publish and Promote climate Change awareness.  It in no way attempts to replicate the great work of other sites and organisations such as but acts as a contact point and primer for those wanting to know more or respond to a presentation.

Developed in the interest of understanding by People, Systems and Things.

Intended content

  • Published presentation slides and notes
  • Presentation Testimonials
  • Questions arising from a presentation
  • Appropriate links and Resources
  • A discussion of future Climate Change awareness activities
  • Links to the Sustainable Systems Method and The Habitat Project


Initially created on the day of the presentation, to provide contact details and feedback to the participants of a Presentation on Climate Change at the Wednesday “Open Forum” at Sydney’s Humanist house (not affiliated with Humanists) on April the 20th 2016.

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Feb 242016

A sustainability Projects Wiki is now available to all participating projects. This is another feature that any project running under has access to. It uses the same software MediaWiki uses to power WikiPedia giving projects the ability to document and collaborate in clear easy to read text.

Have you a Social, Environmental or sustainability focused project?, if so consider using the resources we make available at

Including dedicated WordPress Sites, cross posting to other social media environments and the new Wiki. The more Projects we have the more value we get providing new tools for your projects.



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Feb 132016 is an online resource for Sustainability Projects. With an number now on my Agenda the site will no return to an active state. Let me know if you are interested in hosting a project and I can provide;

  • A blog or website (in a wordpress network)
  • Access to a Wiki for documentation or colaboration
  • Automatic reposing of your news to other sites
  • Custom Email addresses – redirected to your email address
  • Participation in a micro-blog and conversations (built on Yammer)
  • A dedicated Yammer External group
  • Help obtaining other features or services such as surveys and mailing lists

and much more as required.


We are about promoting Sustainability Projects and since we have take the effort to build resources for our own projects we went a little bit further to enable us to share our resources to promote others.

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Nov 202011

We continue to explore tools to support Sustainability Projects but here is a quick update on projects already underway.

  • Our Wildlife Corridor project is half way complete with a Grant Won and 320 trees planted so far.
  • Sustainability News is now public and we are in the process of building more participants.
  • Tomboy Landcare has been created and now we need to get the paper work done.

More updates and links to follow.


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Apr 132011

A wide range of projects and subtasks are currently being developed offline, watch this space for real opportunities to get involved.

The broad categories include;

  • Site analysis – Solar, wind, flora and fauna
  • Sustainable structures and home design
  • Bush regeneration
  • Wildlife corridor

We have also developed a new website for LaSource (the Place) where we aim to implement some of the projects developed online. See LaSource.Net or check out the local area at

We have also started to identify problems that require solutions, this is the first step in advancing sustainable practices. Soon you will be able to propose projects and problems to address.

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Jan 302011

A number steps are underway to define the systems we require to support open sustainability projects.

This means we are developing a strong underlying project definition so that the results we develop will be useful and easy to use for you and the community.

Here is a draft project scope;

The Provision of an environment in which the general community can co-operate on projects or initiatives.

In effect a Project Management tool that leverages Social Networking and other highly inclusive Web 2.0 Technologies.

Designed to operate on Crowd Sourcing principals the Project Project will differ from standard project management environments in the following way

  • Less formal and structured with less emphasis on individual responsibility to complete tasks but rather by completing tasks by a pool of resources
  • Less emphasis on base-lining and time frames such that project can remain viable if executed over very long periods of time or very rapidly.
  • A structured process by which completed projects are easily turned into detailed project templates for reuse in the community.
  • Each iteration of a project with add to and strengthen the previous similar projects

Are you interested in helping us ? Send us an email to Tell us what interests you and how you may be able to help. Any effort small or large would be appreciated – you can be sure you will help advance sustainable practices.

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