Apr 202016

The Climate Change Awareness project.

This Project has been created to publish and Promote climate Change awareness.  It in no way attempts to replicate the great work of other sites and organisations such as SkepticalScience.com but acts as a contact point and primer for those wanting to know more or respond to a presentation.

Developed in the interest of understanding by People, Systems and Things.

Intended content

  • Published presentation slides and notes
  • Presentation Testimonials
  • Questions arising from a presentation
  • Appropriate links and Resources
  • A discussion of future Climate Change awareness activities
  • Links to the Sustainable Systems Method and The Habitat Project


Initially created on the day of the presentation, to provide contact details and feedback to the participants of a Presentation on Climate Change at the Wednesday “Open Forum” at Sydney’s Humanist house (not affiliated with Humanists) on April the 20th 2016.

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