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poeple icon1Welcome to “The Habitat Project”.

Building a demonstration site and venue  for Sustainable Practices.

  • Building resources
  • Education and awareness
  • Experiential Design and prototyping
  • Ecological, Farming and Sustainability research venue
  • Testing and test bed opportunities
  • Your demonstration site
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A PSaT Initiative, Hosted on

Comunity BuildingThe Habitat is a venue for

  • Creating a community “promoting sustainable Practices”
  • Collaborative experience and learning on-site or online and other venues including;
    Sydney, Canberra, Braidwood, Goulburn, Nowra, Batemans Bay and surrounds
  • A Platform for the development and testing  of Sustainable Systems and Practices
  • Demonstration of the sustainable systems used in its construction
  • Integrating with the natural Habitat and supporting “Bush Regeneration”
  • Connecting the city with the bush and rural communities
  • Development of a community “Food Forest”
  • Developing and enhancing local community activities.

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We are building an ultra sustainable home and venue and are inviting community input online and onsite. This is an opportunity for you to learn about a whole range of sustainable features we can put into our homes and building. Contributors will also earn rewards which may include free lectures and training and even weekend retreats at the Habitat on the New South Wales Central Table Lands, in Australia.

PartnershipTony and Isabelle invite you to share their journey.

We have been very happy with our little shack on the property and the results our bush regeneration has achieved.  The place feels like natural park-lands to us, and an ideal place to retreat and escape.

However we saw the potential for the place, if we build what we call the Habitat. The habitat would free the current shack for visitors, let us employ more sustainable features into a building that would facilitate a Gallery, Studio, accommodation and workshops.

See News for the latest updates.

Sustainable home/venue for the development of sustainable practices