Feb 132016

SustainabilityProjects.org is an online resource for Sustainability Projects. With an number now on my Agenda the site will no return to an active state. Let me know if you are interested in hosting a project and I can provide;

  • A blog or website (in a wordpress network)
  • Access to a Wiki for documentation or colaboration
  • Automatic reposing of your news to other sites
  • Custom Email addresses – redirected to your email address
  • Participation in a colabteam.net micro-blog and conversations (built on Yammer)
  • A dedicated Yammer External group
  • Help obtaining other features or services such as surveys and mailing lists

and much more as required.


We are about promoting Sustainability Projects and since we have take the effort to build resources for our own projects we went a little bit further to enable us to share our resources to promote others.

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