Welcome to Contrarians and other Scumbags

In the world on internet conversations and online commentary there are those who disagree with each other, there are contrarians and scumbags. This site is to record for the future the latter of such people.

Some of these people go too far and within their own words they condemn themselves as one or more of the following;

  • Fools
  • Mouth pieces for vested interests, ignoring evidence
  • Rude and biased
  • So Ideologically driven they are immune from evidence
  • Irrational ranters, who take conversations off topic and destroy the value of communication

We will update the above list as we add people to this site.

This site requests search engines not to index this site as we do not want the material to gain additional prominence.  This is a reference for future generations and and if possible the content will be placed on a perpetual storage medium.

Do you know someone here?

One important thing to note is there is little doubt that the people so listed can be good people, do good and otherwise be good citizens, charitable and good parents for all we know. This site is about naming people who produce questionable content, it is only “observed behavior, online” that we record. If you find someone close to you so listed do not let it interfere with your relationship to them unless it exposes something that is not acceptable to you. Consider talking to the person in question before changing your attitude to them. You may consider confronting them about their argument or world view, but be careful, there are clear reasons we list them and it may indicate personality faults you do not want to challenge.

Right of appeal

We will provide a right of appeal in some cases, to review or adjust our own words relating to a specific person however will not necessarily remove from the website material written by the subject in question unless they can demonstrate they are the victim of Identity fraud/Theft. We maintain the right to retain such information offline if we do remove it from online.