How we do projects


This is how we do projects;

LaSourceProjects aims to involve the community in advancing sustainable practices. For this reason we have developed this site and a methodology we can use to run community projects. This page tells you about How we do projects.

Each new project is created using a prepared template and already provides a structure for the project lead to use. Of course irrelevant items can be removed and new ones added. This structure is we call the Steps to getting things done. Steps describe what needs to be done for a given project. Something to keep in mind is we aim to to use these steps again and again for similar projects. An example may be a project to “build a sustainable cool room”, we can work together and create a great cool room but what about the next person ?, they want to build a cool room too, of course it will be different to the first one, but to get started we really want to follow similar steps.

Steps are divided into Generic and Specific parts.

Generic steps will be retained for use in future projects

Specific steps are the details relating to the current and specific project.


for more information see Project Methodology rationale

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