The Habitat Project and IoT

Yesterday “The Habitat Project co-ordinator”, MySelf, Tony, met a wonderful group of people at the OzBerry – Sydney’s Monthly IoT Maker Space yesterday Sunday the 17th of July 2016

They let me present a 5minute pitch about “The Habitat Project” and IoT. Let me paraphrase what I said after describing the project as a whole.

The Habitat Project provides enthusiastic makers to contribute to a range of projects and potentially many different things, from monitoring to control of environmental, electrical systems through to new an innovative solutions.

Some projects will have funding and all projects will have the opportunity to be installed in a new “green fields” site. Some may choose to experiment in The Habitat Project before implementing it themselves.

We will be looking for vendor partnerships, grants and research and development opportunities.

Areas not fully explored include

  • Interactive home/venue management facilities
  • Research and development around perceived comfort

The Response?

Genuine interest and great ideas expressed by many of the attendees, Among them is so much knowledge and curiosity, I can see we can innovate a more sustainable world.

PS It was an all male group which I believe needs to recruit some women for a little more diversity. Ladies where are you hiding?

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