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Are shipping containers really the answer for affordable housing? Time for a reality check

This is the title of an article in The Conversation, please read it.

This was my reply;

Like usual discussions about a subject such as container homes, really depends on the context and the particular requirements. I have a Container Shack/Shed with 2 x 6m containers – 7m apart with Walls floors and roof between, now including an additional room, recycled wood Veranda and covered areas. Estimated as not much over $12,000 we have around 150m for “glamping in”. This design is not about portability just ease of building, and I believe we are making substantial use of the structural strength of the shipping containers.

I am now planning a larger structure using similar principals to extract the maximum structural utility from recycled shipping containers, now 4 x 12 Containers. The idea is to provide a “platform” on which to undertake the R&D of sustainable features which is an open project for those interested see or for the “design” represented in cardboard models see

Just installing the 4 containers provides more than 50% of the walls structure and a substantial part of the roofing (We will add another layer) not withstanding that external insulation will be applied. The points raised in this article simply highlight issues to be addressed and are welcome, but unlikely to alter the final outcome.

I will endeavour to make everything we do public, volunteers and enthusiasts are encouraged to contribute.

an I subsequently followed the link on “Ceramic paint insulation” and have also asked the following question of the author.

Funny, the link for Ceramic paint insulation you gave contradicts the line “it does offer some degree of insulation” and seems to suggest its snake oil? I think there may be uses for “Cool Roof” paints but this sounds absurd.

Vidyasagar Potdar can you please explain this further?

Do subscribe to The Conversation is is one of the best Evidence based reporting you can find and seem to be open to real feedback for reasonable criticism.