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The Shack – Low Cost container home?

The Shack – On The Habitat Project site

The Habitat Project is not just a theoretical design incorporating numerous Sustainable features, it will be built. To support the project we already have a “Shack” in place with accommodation for two couples as is, with a Caravan there are another 2 double beds but we can quickly reconfigured to accommodate 8 to 12 people. If we then pull out the tents, we can accommodate dozens. The Shack also borrows most of its structural strength from recycled shipping containers like the proposed Habitat project design.

The Frontal view of the Shack.
Looking up the hill at the back of the Shack


The Shack in the Context of Hidden valley

Currently only configured as a “shed” and occasional “glamping” The Shack is a key resource to support The Habitat Project which will provide more accommodation.