Traceable Alternative Currency

Imagine there was an alternate currency to Money which knew where every dollar was sourced. Would you give a discount to people who are not exploiting the environment or people in the 3rd world, would you like to buy things knowing the business who will profit is not partaking in something you don’t believe is right.

Modern Internet and computer systems now have the ability to trace the path of value exchange so why don’t we consider following the money.

Do the businesses pay a fair tax, is there international manipulation and tax avoidance occurring ?.

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Registry of “skeptical” sites and people

I contend that most so called Climate Change “Skeptics” are not in fact skeptical of their own knowledge. Many are basically propagating, usually regurgitating, already dis-proven arguments normally created from a position of ignorance.

These people stalk the environmental debates online and persist in misleading people with poor claims, sowing doubt and causing people to waste there time. Unlike in the real world of society, we don’t have the opportunity to  take them to account,  question there reputation and disempower them in there anti-social practices. They just turn up on another blog or in another letter to the editor time and time again, with little chance they will ever have to make account of their often absurd claims.

Can we do anything about it ?

One idea is to build a website that lists and when possible tracks the activities of there people and there pseudonyms this has the following benefits;

  • Provide a resource to use against them when you fall upon their bad behavior
  • Alert you to there bias and possible vested interests
  • Provide matching search strings so others searching for them stumble upon “the registry” and get to see the activity of listed skeptics.
  • Provide links to and advice on locating rebuttals to their claims.
  • Record their claims and statements so they can be used against them at a future time and place – thus imparting some consequences for there claims.

This site would not aim to replace strong skeptic and denier rebuttal sites but to support them in their good work.

Some features of the site;

  • Gradual documentation of both skeptical and rebuttal sites
  • Moderated crowd sourced site
  • Since Skeptical sites rarely mention the rebuttal sites we will only list them in image form and not grant them additional Search engine advantages.
  • Can we embed the text they place in there posts in our site for a search engine to find but not display it on our site only links to the rebuttals ? We don’t want to be a resource for the skeptics.


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Networking on Steroids

My idea is to plan a meetup where people attending bring others who are at least once removed from their usual networks. The idea is you always bring someone you know who has not been before. Except for the organiser(s) repeat visits to the network group are only permitted if you bring a ticket – the ticket is someone who has never come before.

I wish to do this in the Sustainability space yet don’t want it to influence who comes.

The above idea is based on some knowledge of building social networks. The simple premise would be that each person provides a short summary of there interests, endeavors and past and present occupations. The meeting is then left open for people to circulate and pursue what ever interests them. Attendance brings membership, rewards and resources.

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Something is broken but we can fix it

You can’t pussy foot around it, something is broken ”The way we treat the environment”

The Negative Message

Now I can tell you about the disaster that will occur if we don’t fix it – but if you are easily spooked you wont like that, and unfortunately for you you will possibly ignore or denigrate it.

However we can fix it,

So If I tell you this “we can fix it”, you may say “great” then – “somebody else’s problem”, or “I will wait until you have a little more evidence”.

So what we need is for you to put a little more effort into this. Lets call it “Dealing with Problems class 101”

  1. Be honest with yourself that you have a problem and the real nature of it.
  2. Now you understand you problem you are most of the way to the solution.

In this case

  1. First you need to understand we are really are “in the sh-t” if we don’t fix this problem.
  2. There really are lots of ways to fix it and the sooner we act the less effort it will require.

The Question

Once you “get” the above then you ask how can I help fix it ?, you know, “how do I get the ball rolling at least ?”

The Answer

Information: One of the main causes of procrastination is “insufficient information to act”.

The result

Once you start to accumulate information you discover not only how to fix the problems but;

  • you discover how you can benefit from action.
  • you discover how our society can gain great wealth and happiness by improving things.
    How do you think Apple/Microsoft/Facebook became as big as they are ?, they identified the problems and needs, then found answers for them. They could not have done this if they got stuck before Dealing with Problems class 101″.
  • you discover how we can solve our problems and benefit in the process


  1. The environmental problems we face are the biggest challenge we face NOW
  2. The Environmental solutions we need are the biggest opportunity we have NOW
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Activist training

The development of training material for Activists trying to communicate complex issues and concerns that are hard to communicate given the potential to generate fear or receive push back when perceived to be threatening to a persons world view.

Primarily established to promote action on climate change these materials should be of assistance to all activists trying to promote ideas for which society has natural tendencies to resist. Of course the strength and validity of arguments will be limited to the subject at hand.

This is an initiative spawned from the 2012 Climate action summit 2012 and a partnership between Tony Muscio and the Parramatta Climate action network. Based on some wonderful ideas and material from presenters at the Climate summit we see the possibility of empowering Activists of great benefit in current times.

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Developing a Permaculture Food Forest

I propose designing and planting a  Permaculture Food Forest. We have a sufficient space and water to do so at LaSource( The idea would be to make it a Social Enterprise where members and participants contribute to its development but also share in its rewards.

We have more than 10 acres / 4 hectares available on a East Nor east hillside.

This would complement a natural forest on the Western side of the same ridge.

What do you think, who would be interested and what are the top issues to address ?

Further reading

Food Forest Link

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Sustainable Aid – Project Idea

Project overview

The Sustainable aid project is expected to have multiple sub-projects and aims to do the following; Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to SustainabilityProjects and the Project Ideas site.

This is where you can come to submit your own Project Ideas or support another proposal to get started.

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