Something is broken but we can fix it

You can’t pussy foot around it, something is broken ”The way we treat the environment”

The Negative Message

Now I can tell you about the disaster that will occur if we don’t fix it – but if you are easily spooked you wont like that, and unfortunately for you you will possibly ignore or denigrate it.

However we can fix it,

So If I tell you this “we can fix it”, you may say “great” then – “somebody else’s problem”, or “I will wait until you have a little more evidence”.

So what we need is for you to put a little more effort into this. Lets call it “Dealing with Problems class 101”

  1. Be honest with yourself that you have a problem and the real nature of it.
  2. Now you understand you problem you are most of the way to the solution.

In this case

  1. First you need to understand we are really are “in the sh-t” if we don’t fix this problem.
  2. There really are lots of ways to fix it and the sooner we act the less effort it will require.

The Question

Once you “get” the above then you ask how can I help fix it ?, you know, “how do I get the ball rolling at least ?”

The Answer

Information: One of the main causes of procrastination is “insufficient information to act”.

The result

Once you start to accumulate information you discover not only how to fix the problems but;

  • you discover how you can benefit from action.
  • you discover how our society can gain great wealth and happiness by improving things.
    How do you think Apple/Microsoft/Facebook became as big as they are ?, they identified the problems and needs, then found answers for them. They could not have done this if they got stuck before Dealing with Problems class 101″.
  • you discover how we can solve our problems and benefit in the process


  1. The environmental problems we face are the biggest challenge we face NOW
  2. The Environmental solutions we need are the biggest opportunity we have NOW
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