Activist training

The development of training material for Activists trying to communicate complex issues and concerns that are hard to communicate given the potential to generate fear or receive push back when perceived to be threatening to a persons world view.

Primarily established to promote action on climate change these materials should be of assistance to all activists trying to promote ideas for which society has natural tendencies to resist. Of course the strength and validity of arguments will be limited to the subject at hand.

This is an initiative spawned from the 2012 Climate action summit 2012 and a partnership between Tony Muscio and the Parramatta Climate action network. Based on some wonderful ideas and material from presenters at the Climate summit we see the possibility of empowering Activists of great benefit in current times.

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  1. admin says:

    This is currently underway with a loose coalition of people including cases and paracan members stemming from the 2012 Climate Summit in Parramatta. Leve a comment if you want more information.

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