Sustainable Aid – Project Idea

Project overview

The Sustainable aid project is expected to have multiple sub-projects and aims to do the following;

  • Bring together a range of Appropriate Sustainable Practices that can be used in Aid projects, both local and overseas.
  • Provide will developed solutions for
    • Responding to a crisis
    • Providing safe and healthy basic needs
    • Helping reduce environmental degradation
  • Issues include
    • Housing
      • Local materials
      • Knowledge Transfer to locals
      • Appropriate
      • Safe (Weather, Earthquake)
    • Cooking
      • Avoid smoke inhalation
      • Depleting fuel resources
    • Lighting
      • Very important to support education
      • to avoid potentially dangerous fumes
    • Waste Disposal
      • Human Waste
      • Other waste
    • Water supply
      • Safe drinking water
      • Collection and storage
  • Provide opportunities to
    • Develop and test appropriate technologies before used in Aid situation
    • Train Aid workers in Australia before attending a crisis or posting
    • Provide and opportunity for people to experience non-first world conditions
    • To educate promote the relevant issues and value of aid
    • Assist in fund-raising



  • Access to property and materials provided by

Skills/Knowledge required

  • People with Aid experience and contacts
  • Links to Aid organisations
  • Online participants
  • Possible student project
  • Volunteers for trial implementations
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