Nov 202011

We continue to explore tools to support Sustainability Projects but here is a quick update on projects already underway.

  • Our Wildlife Corridor project is half way complete with a Grant Won and 320 trees planted so far.
  • Sustainability News is now public and we are in the process of building more participants.
  • Tomboy Landcare has been created and now we need to get the paper work done.

More updates and links to follow.


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Apr 132011

A wide range of projects and subtasks are currently being developed offline, watch this space for real opportunities to get involved.

The broad categories include;

  • Site analysis – Solar, wind, flora and fauna
  • Sustainable structures and home design
  • Bush regeneration
  • Wildlife corridor

We have also developed a new website for LaSource (the Place) where we aim to implement some of the projects developed online. See LaSource.Net or check out the local area at

We have also started to identify problems that require solutions, this is the first step in advancing sustainable practices. Soon you will be able to propose projects and problems to address.

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