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Development Consultant, United States, Facilities Services
Current     Anthae360 LLC dba Marmaduke Consulting
Previouse Guam Community College, PAE-ATS-DS2 (DZSP21), Regan Engineering for Pacific Pile & Marine / PN&D
Education Cornell University College of Engineering

So whats wrong with his view?

  • Factually incorrect on a number of grounds
  • Negatively characterises people who hold a different view
  • Fails to ask non rhetorical questions
  • Dismisses a specific issue claiming it disproves a global issue
  • Intentionally (unless extremely ignorant) misconstrues
  • Attacks science and evidence (not critically)
  • Attacks personalities
  • Suggests their opposition are similar to other well known people who committed “Crimes against Humanity”
  • Thinks politicians or high profile personalities are a source of truth and attacks them not the arguments they make
  • Makes common Fallacies such as the Straw Man Fallacy
  • Inappropriate use of Religious terms
  • Implied or blatant racism

Example(s) of Content


There have been radar satellites measuring random wave height for decades, but unfortunately for the Climate Connies, instrument error, apart from the error in determining the satellite altitude, is some 32 cm, so for the Climate Connies to claim ‘rising sea levels’ of 4mm per year, against an instrument accuracy of 320mm, is somewhat of a farce, and 4mm, even 8mm a year, let’s say, averaged across all the oceans is just a fingernail slice compared to trade winds seische effect, the monsoon pressure-wave effect or the twice-daily tide cycle and normal wave action, in some cases 10s of meters. But let’s let the Climate Connies have their rag doll chew toy. Answer this: there is zero proof fossil fuels or CO2 levels are correlated closely to sea levels, except by hockey-stick cherry-picking, and that’s been proven. Then it follows, ipso facto, there is zero proof, in fact, it is impossible to show, that by starving humanity of fossil fuels in favor of coal-fired Teslas for the Elites, by displacing billions of humans over a Climate Connie rag doll, that the sea levels will then go back down again! They won’t, not until the next Ice Age. So what we have is a New Scientocracy, a Pol Pot Regime of Back to the Bug Eaters, massively malinvesting our last life savings that will never come back again, not until the next Rapture, into Carbon Credit swindles and mis-labeled ‘renewable’ energy. A solar array cannot, in its MTBF net energy production, match the energy lost in mining and manufacturing it, and the energy-cost in tax-subsidizing and installing it. A wind-tower cannot, in its MTBF net energy production, match the energy lost in mining and manufacturing it, and the energy-cost in tax-subsidizing and installing it. It’s a bald-faced tax swindle, by any metric. They are not ‘renewable’, only bagasse is renewable, and you could argue that, ecologically, over decades, bagasse energy causes desertification, and therefore is also not ‘renewable’. Oops! This sea-level schtick global warming charade isn’t Science, this is Technocratic Pharoahism, Bill Nye as Tutenkamen. We will be forced into re-education camps, sold off to the credit-debt slavers, our cold-chain and our green-chain will fail, and then we’ll all be reduced to Fiverrs, gigging Uber pallequins for the Chosen Elites. All because Cheney’s Yellow Cake spike-oil-to-$145-a-barrel ‘ah-ha’ moment showed that you can massively extort all of humanity by $10Bs a day, simply by waving a counterfeit sheet of paper at the UN, and crying ‘The End is Near’. Doesn’t give you much hope for humanity, that we can survive more than another decade of this massive panmedia technocratic kleptocracy. I’m a pioneer environmental engineer with the EPA, who endured the LBO takeover of that agency by politicians and hucksters, transferring deliberate (Bhopal) Corporate industrial malfeasance into no-harm, no-foul perpetual taxpayer SuperFund bailouts for those same Elites, before the Goreonauts and Hansenazim re-transformed the bureaucracy into a Globalist profit center and Carbon Caliphate, siphoning away $100sBs of our inheritance meant for our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children, while they jibber-jabber about Space Elevators, Asteroid Mining and Mission Mars. Will our great-grandchildren hate us for what we let just slip away? Will they desecrate the crematoriums wherecwe were liquidated as “just more useless mouths to feed”? Of course not. They’ll be naked, mute, fighting for bugs and pond weeds, and living among the feral dogs.