Jul 222012

Sustainability News is entering the “Business as Usual” phase with us now reach hundreds of people, we are now seeking to bring various organisations on board to post there own news. To support us in this we need to develop some curation guidelines so contributors can maintain the approach we have taken so far and avoid flooding people with messages.


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May 292012


We have now built a Facebook page SustainabilityNews with more than 50 likes and a reach around 150 people. Learning from recent social media events has proven to be valuable as well as with the help of Hugo from Bobby DharroW – Espadrilles (these cool imported french shoes).

Not only do we have a great membership on facebook but we are connecting with more community groups and building the relevance of News.

We have also created a SustainabilityNews Group in facebook to open up submissions and discussion.


No promotion work has been done for our Twitter presence @snewsgate but the service is available for those who live in the twitterverse.

Tumblr at www.sustainabilitynews.net.au

Has been redesigned for readability and looks much better. We have also added a ling to the related site SustainabilityLinks where we are collecting a range of internet links for sustainability.

The Automatic cross posts to Facebook leave a little to be desired, sending only a preview and always having the same subject heading of “SustainabilityNews” rather than the post subject. Hence we are investigating Posterous below.

Posterous.com and blogger.com

Accounts have been built and experiments are taking place to see if Posterous cross posts to Facebook with better aesthetics.

Our blogger account should enable auto posting into Google+ but research continues.


We have established a method to post into LinkedIn however only to a private account. More research required.

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Feb 252012

Sustainability News is on a role. Here is the project site and we are now at sustainabilitynews.net.au

I have however observed that a lot of the groups I follow are mostily posting in Facebook which excludes all those who are not on facebook for practical or personal reasons. There is also an increasing number of cross posts which mean you have to see them multiple times.

Sustainability News is a way for groups to post once and share their news with a wider audience. We need to determine how to allows groups in facebook to follow Sustainability News in facebook this post once in sustainability news.

Of course I could selectively pull posts from facebook only that involves work and we want this to be automatic and comprehensive.

Do you have any ideas on this ?

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Aug 032011

So Far this project has

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