Provide a Sustainable News blog to promote the activities of Sustainable Organisations in Sydney and abroad.


The project lead – Tony is involved with a number of sustainability organisation and as a result is often asked to pass on notices from other groups to his members, however he is reluctant to SPAM the membership lists with items that may be of interest to members but may not.

In addition it takes allot of effort for groups to build their email lists, keep it private, post, tweet and provide facebook updates. Multiply this by each group and you can see the volunteer community is working hard to be heard.

There is however great advantages for sustainability groups to have an opportunity to publish there efforts and often call for volunteers or participants to other groups and the public.

The opportuinity

Tony has identified the following opportunity.

  • Provide a consolidated Sustainability News blog with automatic feeds into facebook and twitter (and other services as the come on line).
  • Involve all related groups and get there news posted to the Sustainability news blog.
  • Get each groups to promote the various ways of seeing Sustainability News to there own members and subsequently their members friends.
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