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Return to [[The Habitat Principals]]
Return to [[The Habitat Principals]]
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The Tiny Home, Tiny House and Small Home movements are inspirational and show how we can do more with less. Even the snug solutions offered by Ikea for small home apartments

The Habitat Project

The Habitat Project is providing a somewhat large and non portable structure so what has Tiny/Small Homes have to do with it?

The Habitat is making the best of the structural materials in four 12meter 40" Shipping Container. The Larger size has some material consequences, however there is a single roof for two floors and the ground floor provides substantial working space to both assist in building and to provide a venue for a range of activities. We feel it is better to accommodate future needs in a single building rather than face the additional impact and costs of additional structures that can benefit from an "Economies of scale".

Not withstanding the above The Habitat project aims to utilise the techniques and ideas in the Tiny Home/Tiny House and Small Home movements to make maximum use of the spaces we create and reduce the space heating requirements. An example would be a compact living area allows another part of the structure to provide a Summer sleep-out space to benefit from cool summer evenings rather than use air-conditioning.

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