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##[[Central Floor Space]]
##[[Central Floor Space]]
##[[Shipping Containers]]
##[[Shipping Containers]]
#[[Thermal mass]]
#[[Thermal mass]]
#[[Warm Corridor]]
#[[Warm Corridor]]

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Please propose new features using the above discussions tab, Talk:The_Habitat_features To Discuss specific features please select from the below list and use their individual discussions tab The Habitat features - Details

  1. Rooms in the Habitat

Sustainable Features

Relevant Sustainable Features listed below, see Sustainable features category for all.

We need your help now. things to do here include;

  • Identify additional features and opportunities and add them to the list
  • Change this list into a table with columns that support the project moving forward (See Each Feature Below)
  • Build a sub-project template and guideline for teams undertaking a particular sustainable feature

All Sustainable Features need to address briefly, at a minimum all of The Habitat Principals.

Feature Template The Habitat feature Template

  1. Air Tubes
  2. Black Water Processing
  3. Building site Impact reduction
  4. Bushfire aware building
  5. Composting toilet
  6. Flooring
    1. Hydronic Floors
    2. Earthen Floors
    3. Earth Connect Floors
    4. Annualised Geo-thermal storage
  7. Green Roof over Summer Sleep-out?
  8. Grey water processing
  9. Heat exchanger
  10. Insulation
  11. Internet Access Monitoring and measurement
  12. Integration with the Natural Habitats
  13. Local area Network - wifi
  14. Plumbing
  15. Site Features
  16. Solar Chimney
  17. Solar Cooking
  18. Solar Electricity Generation
    1. Off Grid Battery Storage
    2. 240v Power
    3. Backup power
    4. Low voltage power
  19. Solar Hot water
  20. Solar Thermal heating - Air
  21. Solar Thermal heating - Hydronic
  22. Storm Water Management
  23. Structural Efficiencies
    1. Central Floor Space
    2. Shipping Containers
  24. Shutters
  25. Thermal mass
  26. Warm Corridor
  27. Water Harvesting
  28. Water Reuse
  29. Wind
    1. Wind Power
    2. Cross Ventilation
    3. Wind management

See also The Habitat - Project Home

Additional features

The following features are not directly considered Sustainable Features, but will or may be required

  • Internet access

Each Feature

Each of the above features are suggestions and every attempt will be made to document each, them implement thim in one way or another within The Habitat Project. Additional information to be located and recorded include;

  • Finalising a Feature page template for this wiki eg; Air Tubes is an example
  • Appropriate information sources
  • Existing implementations
  • Specialist organisations or experienced individuals
  • Relationships to a subProject or other features
  • Build a dedicated page for each feature
  • Identify participants
  • Design considerations after applying principals and possible futures
  • Reference links into appropriate resources eg YourHome
  • Addition to the Glossary, identifying synonyms and relevant search terms

See also The Habitat - Project Home