The Habitat Preliminary Model

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This is a cardboard model used to illustrate The Habitat design.

All aspects of this design is open for revision, however we see this structure as meeting the following objectives;

  • Using recycled Materials
  • Rapid build and roof installation
    • Permitting Projects to start and continue rapidly
    • Protect participants from Sun and Rain
  • Minimise work required to lock up stage (top Floor)
  • Provide the total volume and floor space to permit multiple projects
  • Provide the total volume and floor space to provide accommodation, workshop, gallery and studio requirements.

Preliminary Model Photos (See Below for caption)

Please Note that it is important that before construction The Habitat - Site Development Process takes place. Not yet reflected in the model the roof will continue across the void in a single slope, and a deck and green roof is planned for the southern shipping container.

Construction Process model

Basic Measures

  • Components 2 x 12m High Cube (2.9m) Containers
    • Inside Cubic Capacity 75.9cu.m
    • Cargo Capacity 26,330 kg
    • Tare weight 4,150 kg
    • OUTSIDE:
      • Length 12.19m INSIDE: 12.01m
      • Width 2.44m INSIDE: 2.35m
      • Height 2.90m INSIDE: 2.69m
        • Foot Print 29.7m^2
    • DOOR SIZE:
      • Height 2.58m
      • Width 2.35m

Total Usable Floor Space

  • Total 443m^2 (excluding internal walls)
    • Ground 203m^2
    • First Floor 240m^2
      • Inside (Plus bay window)
      • Varanda 96m^2 (less bay window)

Ground floor

  • Modifications Each container will have 2 additional supports
  • Placed 12m (approx) apart, parallel to each other, in a North South Direction
  • Ground Floor Footprint 203m^2
    • Size of Void between Containers approximately 144m^2
    • Size of ground floor containers (foot Print) 2 x 29.75m^2 = 59.5Mm^2

First Floor

  • Placed 7.31 meters apart on lower containers
  • First Floor Foot Print 240m^2
    • Internal Foot Print 12m x 12m = 144m^2 (plus bay window, includes Stair void)
    • External Footprint**
      • Veranda Foot print 96m^2 (less bay window)
        • 2.44m Deep + Extensions 1.6 Meters = 4m deep except at eastern bay window
        • Containers as Varanda Foot print 2 x 29.75m^2 = 59.5Mm^2 (less bay window)
        • Veranda extensions 1.6m x 12.19 West and West = 24M^2 (Also = ground floor Eves)
  • First floor roof (and water collection?)
    • Over Existing Containers
    • First floor roof over void
      • 7.31 x 12m at a slope of 35% Approximately 9x12m or 107m^2
    • Roof over Varandas
      • Eves?
      • Slope (minimum)
      • Intersection with Veranda Roof?
    • Roof over Verandas (excludes slope)
      • West 4x12=48m^2 (only to container? 2.44x 12 = 29m^2)
      • East Max 4x (12m - 20.4=9.6) = 38m^2 OR Max 2.44x (12m - 20.4=9.6) = 23m^2

Viewing Floor

Built on the roof of the Southern shipping container, which runs in a east west direction, the 12m x 2.44m space will be divided in two. Accessed only by ladder stairs.

  • Total area 29.3m^2
    • Viewing deck 6m x 2.44m = 14.64m^2
    • Sod roof deck 6m x 2.44m = 14.64m^2
    • Possible southern eve?

Basic Structure - Model

1. Basic Structure-small.jpg

The basic structure of the Habitat formed using four (4) x 40" or 12meter High Cube Shipping Containers Four (4) Additional posts will be welded into the Ground Floor Containers, one container width from each end, on the inner walls.

Basic Structure - - Model With Roof

New Roof plan 2. Basic Structure and Roof-small.jpg

This roof will enable work to continue such as top floor walls and flooring to take place in all weather. This Roof design is likely to change to accommodate more solar collection, small southern clerestory windows (for light not sun) and a Viewing deck on the southern container roof.

Addition of internal floor, and Verandas

3. Floor and Verandas-small.jpg

Verandas to extend additional 1.6 meters to make verandas 4m in depth and 12meters long. The Internal floor will include a stair case, and or light wells to the ground floor.

Alternate views

North East view - With Top complete

4. Top Complete NE-small.jpg

Note: Top Floor Veranda roofs do not extend to the North East corner, to permit early morning sun to enter Kitchen and Lounge

North West view - With Top complete

5. Top complete NW-small.jpg

Northern view - With Top complete

6. Top complete North-small.jpg

Southern view - With Top complete

7. Top Complete South-small.jpg

Next Steps

You can see from the above "Top complete" that substantial shelter is now afforded. Eventually additional northern and southern walls will be installed at ground level. The Project intends Evolve "the Habitat" from this condition going forward see "Evolutionary Design Principal". The Project will proceed to a new Phase The Habitat - Evolutionary Design Phase