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[http://sustainabilityprojects.org/thehabitat/news/ The Habitat Blog and webs site]
== Welcome to "The Habitat" Wiki ==
== Welcome to "The Habitat" Wiki ==

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The Habitat Blog and webs site

Welcome to "The Habitat" Wiki

This MediaWiki site, using the same software as Wikipedia, has been developed to document various aspects of The Habitat Project. The Related blog and website is here [1]

Visitors are encouraged to contribute by creating a user account and to use the "discussion tab" on any given page to propose or discuss new content. Experienced users may change the content using the edit option.

The Habitat - Project

The Habitat Project is a practical real-world project you can participate in both online and in person on site. We are building a "Shipping Container Structure" with the view to rapidly creating a lock up "Sleepover space" to enable a range of sub-projects to be undertaken by interested participants. Why have we called it "The Habitat"?, because this is both what it provides (human Habitation), what it lives alongside (natural Habitats) and needs to integrate into.

Sub-projects focus on implementing sustainable features and practices and includes bush regeneration and co-operative farming such as a food forests. The specific Sub-projects will be determined by participants and are proposed on the Sub-Projects page.

The Habitat vision

To build an ultra-Sustainable structure which includes a home and extencive features to support ongoing sustainability projects, eco-tourisium and various themed retreats. Provide ongoing access to participating individuals and organisations for the purpose of sustainability education, demonstration of installed features and engaging a wider audience on sustainability.

The Habitat may be a place, but it is also present in the virtual world of the Internet and encourages the full publication of options, alternatives, decisions and the "as built" features.