Integration with the Natural Habitats

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This is one of the The Habitat features

Integration with the Natural Habitats

The habitat, exists within the natural habitat. In fact there are many habitats that share or boarder the space. To minimise our impact we need to consider these.

  • Windows that do not look like sky to birds on "The Habitat", too many birds can experience concussion and shock when they mistake windows for clear sky, I expect reflection is the main problem.
    • Will anti-reflective coating surface to make the inside clearer?
    • Perhaps vertical/horizontal lines of string with tinfoil pieces?
    • Objects in the reflection that are clearly not sky?
  • Building materials that do not resemble natural food for insects and termites etc... while resisting poisons.
  • Avoid heat island effects
  • Provide shelter for small birds passing while discouraging them to nest where they will soil a people space.
    • Provide nesting opportunities where desired, perhaps natural territorial behaviours will then discourage nesting nearby in the building