The Habitat Project Phases and processes

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The Habitat Project Phases and processes are the major steps that form The Habitat Project. Actual project management may be undertaken elsewhere, however these phases helps participants understand the big picture.

Special Note: The Following Project Phases follow standard "Systems Development Life cycle" approach, however it is the intention of the Project Manager to apply a "Set Based Design Methodology" to various features and components.

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The Habitat - Initial Design Phase

Project Principals

The Habitat - Community engagement Phase

The Habitat - Formal application Process

The Habitat - Site Development Process

The Habitat - Building Site Development Process

The Habitat - Food Forest process

The Habitat - Bush Regeneration process

The Habitat - Initial Construction Phase

The Habitat - Evolutionary Design Phase

Implementing sustainable components and features Relationship to set based design Christopher Alexander

The Habitat - Futures Planning Process

The Habitat - Business as Usual Phase