The Habitat Principals

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The Habitat Principals

The Habitat Principals refers to a set of principals that all aspects of the project and design endeavours to apply. It also introduces principals that will influence how the project proceeds such as the "Evolutionary Design Principal", and Principals that support concurrent external projects such as the "Sustainable Systems Method and Principal".

Global or Holistic Principals

The Following principals have a global applicability and thus apply to this project as they should any human endeavour.

Project Principals

The following principals should be considered for each sustainable feature

  • Small Home
  • Accessible housing
  • Flexible design
  • Passive solar home
  • Maximise Local materials
  • Features applicable to urban environments
  • Maximise Local community and economy involvement
  • Sustainable Systems Method
Less well know principals will also inform the project
  • Evolutionary design
  • Bio-Mimicry
  • Natural Habitat integration
  • Passivehause

Potential Project Principals