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Welcome to the "Sustainable Concept Model" Wiki

This MediaWiki site, using the same software as Wikipedia, has been developed to document various aspects of The Sustainable Concept Model Project. The Related blog and website is here [1]

Visitors are encouraged to contribute by creating a user account and to use the "discussion tab" on any given page to propose or discuss new content. Experienced users may change the content using the edit option.

Sustainable Concept Model Vision

The Sustainable Concept model (SCM) with be an online free to use conceptual model developed for users to identify new and innovative opportunities to be more sustainable or efficient in what they do. The model will provide a graphical representation of a range of ideas and concepts drawn from the environment, ecological and sustainable engineering sciences. Everyone is free to copy or print the model for there own use and feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

The model is to be developed as part of a Sustainable Systems Method and further refined by application, firstly to features in The Habitat - Project including the Project as a whole, then in co-operation with "Friendly organisations".

Sustainable Concept Model Features

A single page to a view concept model incorporating ....

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