The Habitat Project has been created with its Website, Blog and Wiki

  • Would you then consider designing an ultra Sustainable habitat, but rather than believe you know it all, opening the design process to others, to allow them to have a hand in what you do, and benefit from the results?
  • Would you consider sharing your knowledge and experience in sustainable systems and design, freely to contributors who can enjoy low cost country escapes to relax, learn and volunteer?

I would.

I really intend to do this, and the process is in train. The idea is to use recycled shipping containers, a roof, a floor and some walls to build the skeleton, a sheltered “sleep over” and project work space. I then want to engage contributors from the local area, the ACT, Sydney, even internationally.

All along I will seek to open source as much as we can for those who follow; to inform city based workshops, presentations or training courses and drive the research and development of a “Sustainable Systems method” that allows people to identify new and innovative ways to increase sustainability and efficiency – “from your fridge, to a factory”.

The project is now started on

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