Jan 212012

Best wishes

We hope you all had a lovely festive season and look forward to 2012 as the year Sustainability News comes of age.

The sustainable year begins

Many sustainability Groups are now preparing for the new season so you will soon start receiving notices of interesting and wonderful events.

Exciting developments

During the break lots of work was done by many to enhance the information available to the public on local community gardens, permaculture, maps and events. All this and more will soon flow through Sustainability News.

A note on Facebook

Allot of the wonderful groups in the Sydney Area are finally getting a presence on Facebook. It is however importiant to recognise many people have not yet become members of Facebook and many may not. It is therefore important to diversify your communications and there is no better way than through SustainabilityNews.net.au You may even build your followers in Facebook. All Sustainability News posts are automatically reposed to Facebook and other social media but you can also subscribe in a number of ways.

Lets Get started !

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