Nov 242011

Dear Transitioners,

Last night’s film – with its ambiguous title “Living without Money’ – led to lively discussion. The decision by Heidemarie Schwermer, an older woman in Germany, to cast off her connections with the comforts of her middle-class life (home, stable place to live, job and income) in order to highlight the possibility of sharing and exchanging with the people she meets, brought responses from many different angles.

This week’s events:

Saturday 26th Nov: 10-2 in the community garden at 241 Bondi Rd.  Come and see the new aquaponics system and the coop that is being prepared for chickens!

Next Wednesday 30th Nov: Talk by Claire Parfitt, GM campaigner for Greenpeace Australia Pacific: “The Future of Food: Who’s calling the Shots?”  at Chapel-by-the-Sea, 95 Roscoe St Bondi Beach

In addition this Sunday 27th November Beyond Zero Emissions will be presenting at the Chapel at 7pm.  See more. This group gave a panel presentation at one of our Wednesday nights, and are worth hearing repeatedly!

Then we have just two more meetings before the end of the year.

NOVEMBER 27TH: Adam Lucas

Adam Lucas is a lecturer in the Science and Technology Studies Program at the University of Wollongong, which he joined in March 2008 after working for more than five years as a policy analyst in the NSW Government.

Adam’s current research focuses on energy policy responses to anthropogenic climate change and the peaking of world oil, coal and gas production. Adam is primarily concerned with developing an understanding of how Australia can make a rapid transition from a primarily fossil-fuel dependent society to one relying solely on renewable energy for electricity and transport

As Sydney Convenor for the non-partisan, volunteer-led climate change solutions education and research organization, Beyond Zero Emissions, Adam has been working on building community, public sector and political support for the kinds of cultural and economic changes that will be required to make this transition. This work has involved giving numerous public talks to community groups, training speakers, briefing politicians, giving radio interviews and writing popular articles for the mainstream media.

Adam’s talk for this evening will provide an overview of renewable energy development throughout the world, along with a brief outline of Beyond Zero Emissions’ plan for moving Australia to 100% renewable energy within ten years.

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