Feb 082012

It can be quite hard to bring people over to views that we need to care for our environment, this includes natural, social and economic sustainability.

Why is there so much misinformation and why are facts not enough ?.

You will go someway to answering these questions if you read the following item on “The Conversation” a new information source written by people who know what they are talking about, rather than after a underpaid rushed journalist has manipulated the facts Fighting fact-free journalism: a how-to guide. I can thoroughly recommend you get the Debunking Handbook referred to.

If you want to get right into it consider downloading the paper The Second National Risk and Culture Study: Making Sense of – and Making Progress In – The American Culture War of Fact which is still relevant in Australia.

Finally if you would like to start a project to work with others to dispel misinformation and promote facts for sustainability why not join us in the topic Behaviour change for Sustainability tools at LaSourceProjects Google group.

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