May 132012
Waverley Park Communal Garden

Hello my green-fingered friends! Sometimes, when trying to convince the unconverted that growing fruit and vegetables is possible in the city, composting is fun and going green and being nice to each other is the only sensible option facing humanity today, words are wholly insufficient and I, for one, can feel like a broken (and very boring) record.


  • To grow Waverley’s (green fingered) community through (verge) gardening


  • A chemical free garden
  • A shared & open community resource
  • No fences, no locks and no allocated plots
  • Educational workshops on sustainable gardening to be regularly held at the plot


  •  An educational resource through every step in its journey
  • Showcase reuse/recycling
  • Showcase organic and permaculture methods for building soil, plants, pest and water management.
  • Building sustainable communities
  • Provide a shining example – you too can do this!!!
  • Community growing – friendships

Opportunities & Purpose

  • To make available to the community details of HOW TO in their own gardens, beautify the area, engage park users in a way that will educate them to reduce rubbish left in the park, how to use recycled/safe garden containers
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