Jun 082012
Project Australia >> Start, scale and sustain community projects

Harnessed fully, there are more talents and resources within any small group of passionate citizens than are actually needed to manifest deep social change.

Project Australia is a not-for-profit organisation helping people start, scale and sustain community projects across 12 theme areas. We provide inspiration, resources, processes and advice to help people put their ideas into action.

We are a progressive social enterprise, free from political or religious influence, founded in 2006 by a young social innovator, Donnie Maclurcan. Any profits we make go back into the services we deliver. We have grown thanks to unconditional donations, fundraising events, merchandise sales, revenue from our youth speakers’ bureau and the hard work of more than 200 volunteers since we began. Our budget for 2012-13 is $30,000.

Our team currently includes a one-day per week Executive Director, ten volunteers and five committee members. We operate out of Sydney, but our team and work is national.

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