Mar 312012

Energy Rating Website

Improving the energy efficiency of appliances and products in all sectors (residential, commercial and industrial) has significant economic and environmental benefits for Australia and New Zealand. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand in both countries, helps save consumers and businesses on running costs over the life of the products they choose to use.

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  1. 6-Star energy rating is taking effect in Western Australia on May 1st 2012. The new 6 star energy efficiency regulations are the biggest challenge for builders since the Energy Efficiency regulations were first introduced into the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in 2003. Although it is true, the stringency of the energy efficiency regulations for houses has steadily increased since its induction; the change from 5 star energy efficiency regulations to 6 star is requiring builders and building designers to significantly modify their energy efficiency solutions and method of compliance.

    • Nathan, thanks for your comment. As I work with sustainable designers and architects on promoting sustainable practices, I often here of great success stories where a home requires very little energy to operate, these same designers and architects often point out how short regulations fall well short of even rudimentary steps. Are you suggesting these standards are too stringent to gain a 6 star rating ? As we expect new solutions should reduce the cost of reaching 6 stars over time. This is the strategy behind ratings systems. Tony

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