Jul 192012

Australia’s Open Garden Scheme

What is Open Gardens Australia?
Open Gardens Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that opens private gardens and organises garden-themed events for public enjoyment around the country.

Our aim is to promote the enjoyment, knowledge, and benefits of gardens and gardening in the Australian community, and to build strong public support for the development of gardens across the nation.

Established in 1987 as Victoria’s Open Garden Scheme, our path to national expansion occurred over a period of two decades, with the final territory being added in 2000, when we truly became Australia’s Open Garden Scheme.

From 2011, the organisation has been renamed Open Gardens Australia, to better reflect the nature of our role as the premier national body opening private gardens to the public, rather than our operational framework (ie. Scheme).

What sort of gardens open?
We open private gardens of every size, style and description. Old and young, large and small, from inner city courtyards to grand country estates, from tropical gardens to the more traditional gardens of the temperate south.

Where are they?
We open gardens right across Australia. There are gardens open in every state and territory..

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