To all – An update on the Tree Planting weekend

What happened ?
The late notice certainly meant allot of people that wanted to come could not make it, however we got a few and had a very productive weekend. We had 7 people volunteering this weekend.

Just to prove tree planing can be a bit of a pushover 5 of us planted 320 trees in a few hours, three of us returning for an hour after lunch to give the trees a small drink to get them on their way.

Lunch was a wonderful social and Gourmet experience and we also drank our fill of cold drinks.

After watering the trees we had a sudden storm shower, fortunately only after we were already in shelter and it was exactly what the trees could use.

Some of us stayed together for dinner, another wonderful meal and plenty of good wine.

When another two volunteers arrived for dinner with plans for some Sunday plantings, we could have disappointed them (having planted all the trees), but we decided to help our neighbors (also volunteers) to plant another 50 trees on their property – So on Sunday morning we all mucked in and helped finish the neighbors trees in about an hour and then spent more time than that, chin wagging over a nice coffee.

All in all a very enjoyable and productive weekend.

Special thanks goes to all the volunteers but especially Nick who prepared the soil (Ripping) collected the tress and planed the plantings with Felicity from the Catchment Management Authority.

Yes we hope to have another 400 trees planted in March and I will let you know with allot more notice next time.

Regards Tony

Tomboye Landcare Wildlife Corridor

You are invited to the first planting for the Tomboye Landcare Wildlife Corridor.

November Planting – This Saturday the 12th of November at La Source
See below for more information about our initiative and future events

Lunch and refreshing Drinks provided

Saturday 9:00 for 9:30 start
Optional Sunday 10 for 10:30 if anything is left (No obligation)

We expect to work in small teams and it is a wonderful opportunity to meet others.

Please RSVP for catering and car to
Perhaps we can organise car pooling from both Sydney or Canberra.

Many hands make light work and we expect to finish with plenty of sunlight remaining. Some “ripping” has been done to prepare the site for planting.

For non locals we can provide accommodation or camping facilities “First come first served” and there is plenty to do or just relax when we are not planting.
Enjoy a social get together, with some food provided, and spend a few hours each day planting trees and shrubs on the boarder of two properties.

Enjoy the stars, a bush walk or a red wine on the veranda and meeting people. If you are interested you can also learn more about the Landcare movement or our own La source initiatives. In you free time your will be free to wander around more than 850 acres of country side.

Our initiative and future events

Building a wildlife corridor
Wildlife corridors provide an opportunity for native species to move between otherwise disconnected areas. This is increasingly important to maintain diversity and support the migration of species through the environment increasingly affected by human development. Tomboye Landcare group has won a grant application for hundreds of trees, we want to plant to these create a wildlife corridor between a crown reserve and other forests.

Planned in March
Possibly interested ?, for this and similar events then let me know at, and in this case with a subject of “wildlife corridor”and approximately where you are located for transport purposes.

Anthony Muscio