Open Forum Presentation – Humanist House 20th of April 2016

This is the first presentation we have delivered at the Open Forum Presentation – Humanist House 20th of April 2016.  Please note this forum is not affiliated with the Humanist Society.

The Presentation is scheduled to last 45 minutes from 8:15pm and includes a whole hour for questions until 9pm for questions.

I expect this presentation is a little raw as it is the first time it has been delivered so timing and content may be a little confused. We really appreciate your questions and feedback so that we can improve the presentation and identify any other information that participants desire.

Of course questions about the science of climate change are welcome but please be prepared for a link to an appropriate resource to be your answer.

If you are amazed we put this whole site together in few hours then maybe you need to learn more about People, Systems and things where we offer services for Corporate customers through to Individuals.

One thought on “Open Forum Presentation – Humanist House 20th of April 2016”

  1. I really enjoyed presenting to this audience, great listeners, good questions and a lot of complements. Thanks “Open Forum” – Anthony Muscio

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